About Us

About Us

What Sets Wild Discoveries Safaris Apart?

Wild Discoveries Safaris is a Ugandan registered ecotourism company committed to promoting responsible tour practices that benefit both conservation and communities. Africa Safaris can be much more than simply touring places, taking photos and purchasing souvenirs.

Wild Discoveries Safaris (WDS) helps you make positive contributions to conservation and livelihoods of local communities while on holiday to achieve sustainable tourism development.

We organize an array of DAY TOURS and excursions to Uganda’s top sites and destinations like Kampala city, Jinja the Source of The Nile, Uganda Wildlife Education Center, Ngamba Island, Ssese Island, Bulange (Buganda Kingdom) and we take you on a discovery day tour of Uganda’s hidden gems enjoying Culture, Music, Food, shopping, transport, photography and the people.

We have a number of tailor-made safari tour experiences through meaningful connections with local communities, and a good understanding of local cultural, social and wildlife issues. Through responsible tourism, we aim to generate greater economic benefits for local people to enhance their well being, while building local pride and confidence.

We organize multi-day Uganda Safaris, Rwanda Safaris, Kenya Safaris and Tanzania Safaris – The top East Africa destinations; with a major focus on Safaris to Uganda ‘The Pearl of Africa’ where you expect to see the impressive BIG FIVE (Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Leopard and Buffaloes), the endangered mighty Mountain Gorillas, the magnificent Murchison Falls and Snow cape of the Rwenzori, Source of the Nile, and the beautiful Landscape of Bunyonyi well known as the Switzerland of Africa and many more!.

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Our Safaris

We organize outstanding, unforgettable gorilla trekking safaris and remarkable wildlife day tour packages into Uganda’s magnificent National Parks, Game and Forest Reserves, Ranches, Sanctuaries, cultural sites and other areas.

From the vast savannahs, woodlands, tropical rainforest jungles, high mountains, lakes and rivers, the stunning beautiful landscape sceneries, diverse cultures and traditions, and the varied species of animals and birds in their natural habitats, Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa gifted by nature.

Wild Discoveries Safaris Uganda Staff at Murchison Falls

Wild Discoveries Safaris Staff at Murchison Falls

Come see the world’s most sought after mountain gorilla, tree climbing lions, climb the famous snow caped Rwenzori Mountain, ride along the prestigious River Nile infested with crocodiles, experience Gorilla trekking through the misty jungles of Bwindi impenetrable forest. Experience the awesome chimpanzee tracking, track down Africa’s BIG FIVE then relax with a breathtaking wild breakfast in the savannahs with a magnificent view of sunrise.

Enjoy the warmth of our experienced and highly knowledgeable local tour guides on our wild tours, our wide range of destinations in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania, and the diverse choice of itineraries. You will also enjoy the comfort of our customized 4×4 safari vehicles including supercustom safari vans and land cruisers that give you remarkable view of the outside.

Search for the BIG FIVE….. awesome!!

Tracking down Africa’s BIG FIVE is always top on the list for every safari tour. From the King of the Jungle, the Lion and the cunning Leopard to the largest land mammal the elephants, the rare white rhinos and the aggressive buffaloes. Have your checklist ready!

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC)

Set on the shores of Lake Victoria, UWEC is formerly the Entebbe Zoo, which exists to educate the public on conservation of wildlife, with emphasis on the young generation. It boasts of a wide variety of indigenous wildlife species housed in semi natural settings depicting three of Uganda’s ecosystems: Wetland, Savannah and Forests. The animals include among others; chimpanzees, Rhinos, Lions, Giraffe, leopards, and a wide range of free ranging birds.

Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT)

CSWCT provides orphaned chimpanzees a secure home to live, while educating visitors and local communities about these remarkable species, and the importance of conserving their fragile forest habitats. You shall be provided an informative talk by the Sanctuary staff, view either a morning or afternoon feeding of chimps, swimming on the equator, view a neighboring fishing village, bird watching and other wildlife encounters, or just sunbathe and relax.

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