Heritage Safari Lodge

Heritage Safari Lodge Accommodation consists of luxurious cottages and standard cottages as well as tents. The Camping Ground is popular with self-sufficient or budget guests in regards

The cottages give guests 180 degree view; to the east, the early morning sun rise and hot spring, to the immediate south right infront of the cottages the hot spring as it flows into the Nile and to the west the Albert Nile its self with the community in their canoes going about their daily routine. The cottages are designed to allow unique and flexible bedding arrangement to suit each guest’ unique requirements; single,double,tripple, quadruple, family etc.

Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or just a great opportunity to experience a safari with family, friends or colleagues, the Heritage team is on hand to cater for all requests. You have the choice of hiring one of cottages separately or both the cottages together. Please ask us for more details.

Activities at Heritage safari lodge

The Heritage Hot Spring at the head of Kamshiko River, is a natural elephant paradise. The ready-made warm salty spring water is the “salt lick” where over 200 litres is taken on board in one drink. In nature’s greatest symbiosis and co-existence, the elephants feed on the move, as birds perched for a ride on the back; accompanying egrets match along in comfort, feeding on the insects disturbed by the heavy feet. A kaleidioscope of butterflies feed on the salty moisture in the elephant dropping, before the dung beetle completes the re-cycling back to the earth, thus concluding the re-cycling of 200-600lbs eaten daily.

We care about the meals our guests want to eat. We specialise in providing wholesome and variety of food in the natural setting in out-of-town locations. Our culinary staff and team are doubly trained, in both traditional and modern food preparation. Enjoy your meal with 180 degree panoramic view of the Nile, majestically flowing northwards to the Mediterranean Sea. In the Menu you have modern hotel or traditional Acholi cuisine to choose from, accompanied by a drink form the Cocktail bar.