Sambiya River Lodge

One of the best places to stay in Murchison Falls National Park

Sambiya River Lodge is one of the unique lodges in the park and centrally located in the famous Murchinson Falls National Park and is only 20 minutes drive to the magnificent top of the Falls that are on the second longest River in the World.

It is the perfect location for those who want to experience the unique ambiance of Africa and it also gives you a picture on how a typical African man used to live in the grass Thatched house to avoid too much heat and having the environmentally friendly surroundings. The surrounding leopard country is a mixture of savannah plains and dense forest cover that supports a variety of wildlife untouched by mass tourism.

The park offers stupendous views of the dramatic waterfalls of the Nile River which plunge 45 metres through a narrow 6-metre canyon of boulders. The open fronted lodge allows a panoramic vista of hills as well as game viewing along the Sambiya River and the adjacent grass covered flood plain. The surrounding area is known for viewing numerous species of bird life. For most of the year the park is hot by day and cool by night. A swimming pool offers a break from those hot African afternoons. Floodlights illuminate the river area after dark so that one can see as well as listen to the sounds of the African night before retiring.

In line with the Ministry of Tourism’s emphasis on ecotourism, Sambiya River was designed as a small eco-lodge. Most of the trees in the concession area were undisturbed and consequently the site is very ‘green’. It was built with materials from the area and acquires its hot water from the sun. Over 90% of the employees come from the region and have been trained on the job. As much of the food served at the Lodge as possible is bought from the vicinity.

The Lodge also supports the Anaka Women’s Group by offering their crafts in the Lodge gift shop. The directors want ecotourism to uplift the community and the people need work. Visitors to Sambiya will definitely be reunited with nature and find it enjoyable interacting with the staff!Sambiya River Lodge , with its twenty thatched cottages include either one or two bedrooms with twin or double beds. Each of the 26 bedrooms has its own private bathroom facilities as well as a veranda from which guests can relax and enjoy the tranquility of Africa. Service is friendly and unobtrusive. The staff is proud of their skills and is pleased to be of service at any time when a client needed assistance.