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Wild Discoveries Safaris is a major player in providing Uganda-Rwanda Safaris and is trusted by many that have used our day tours, savanna and wildlife safaris, gorilla adventures, primate trekking tours and romantic holiday tours. We pride ourselves in selling top destinations in East Africa but mostly Uganda-Rwanda Safaris, the ‘pearl of Africa’.

Uganda tourism has risen once again with major travel reviewers like CNN, Jovago and Lonely Planet listing Uganda as one of the world’s top destination, polishing a glint back into the ‘pearl of Africa’. Travelers are streaming in to explore what is basically the best of everything the continent has to offer. For a relatively small country, there’s a lot that’s big about the place. It’s home to the tallest mountain range in Africa, the source that feeds the world’s longest river and the continent’s largest lake. And with half the remaining mountain gorillas residing here, as well as the Big Five to be ticked off, wildlife watching is huge.

The Wild Discoveries Conservation Foundation


Wild Discoveries Conservation Foundation (WDCF) is an autonomous non-profit charity arm of Wild Discoveries Safaris dedicated to carrying out conservation and community initiatives in and around areas of high tourism value such as Protected Areas, Cultural Sites, Ramsar Sites, and Non-Protected Areas with high biodiversity and tourism values. We aim to contribute to the enhancement of community livelihoods as well as long-term conservation of East Africa’s natural resources to sustain tourism and other ecosystem services provided by these areas.

Wild Discoveries Conservation Foundation recognizes that wildlife tourism contributes substantially to the local economy and is an integral part of the tourism industries in many countries especially many African countries. Therefore promoting and encouraging wildlife research and conservation within Uganda and some other parts of East Africa is one of our core objectives for promoting a sustainable tourism industry, while contributing to conservation of nature and enhancement of local livelihoods.

Wild Discoveries Conservation Foundation achieves its goal through implementing projects aimed at enhancing conservation of biodiversity and their natural habitats, ecosystem services, mitigating climate change impacts and empowering communities. The projects are broadly categorized into two; Conservation and Community empowerment projects.

Wild Discoveries Safaris contributes a voluntary donation to Wild Discoveries Conservation Foundation from every safari for the Foundation to achieve its objectives. The funds are used to support and manage the Foundation’s activities. The Foundation also depends on Research grants and support from well wishes through donations contributing towards wildlife and community conservation.

Wild Discoveries Conservation Foundation Projects:

The Foundation relies on donor funds, grants and profits from safaris to run projects. Wild Discoveries Safaris is the core source of income generation that helps promote self sustainability of the charity, and ensures a continuous conservation work. Some of ongoing projects include:

  • Mushroom project
  • Crafts project

Study tours, volunteering and Internships Safaris:
We organize internships and volunteering programmes for our clients who would wish to have hands-on experience working with animals or communities, with the aim of inspiring conservation action to save wildlife species, and a better understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues. This is done through attachment onto an ongoing project or attachment to organizations such as Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Buwama Crocodile Farm, Nature Uganda, Wildlife Clubs of Uganda, among others.

We also organize student study tours dependent on the students’ interests. This may include Forest Ecology, Savannah Ecology, or undertaking both Forest and Savannah Ecological study tours in Uganda’s magnificent National Parks, Wildlife and Forest Reserves.

At the end of this program, we can confidently say that our clients go back with enhanced knowledge and experience, willing to care and speak for animals, as well as advancing their career in wildlife worldwide! We welcome students and other members of the public regardless of age or education to take part in the program.

Photography and filming Safaris:

We put into action our extensive years of experience in this industry to provide host and logistical support for photography and filming crews who would like to work within Uganda. We plan and “make life easier” for filming crews right from processing the necessary documentations, to organizing the entire trip.

Filming can be challenging in most of these areas because of various reasons, but join hands with Wild Discoveries Safaris and you will have a splendid smile on your face with a tremendously successful filming trip!

Quick NOTEs

Project: Wild Discoveries Conservation Foundation
Location: Uganda.
Project Type: Not For Profit.
Goal: Wildlife Conservation & Climate Change in East African Countries
Managed by: Wild Discoveries Safaris

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