Mountain Gorilla

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[one_second] COMMON NAME: Mountain Gorilla SCIENTIFIC NAME: Gorilla beringei beringei TYPE: Mammals DIET: Omnivores GROUP NAME: Troop, band AVERAGE LIFE SPAN IN THE WILD: 35 years SIZE: Standing height, 4 to 6 ft WEIGHT: 300 to 485 lbs SIZE RELATIVE TO A 6-FT MAN: [/one_second][one_second][/one_second] ABOUT THE MOUNTAIN GORILLA Explore Mountain Gorilla:- There are only … Read more

Gorilla Trekking – The most epic experience

Meeting Mountain Gorillas: My Most EPIC Experience Ever! This post first appeared on by Laurel Robbins Like most travellers I have a mental bucket list that I am constantly updating. As a travel blogger I have been very fortunate to regularly check off items from that list. But the #1 thing on my bucket list, remained, chewing … Read more

What you don’t know about gorillas

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What you should know about gorillas Gorillas are some of the most powerful and striking animals, not only for their size and force, but also for their gentle human like behavior. They play a crucial role in local biodiversity, roaming through large territories and helping, for example, to spread the seeds of the fruit they consume … Read more