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Mountain Gorillas are commonly found in the 3 states of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo and from the current study is Uganda shares 51% of the world Gorilla population. With our expertise, we shall plan for you a Gorilla trip to Uganda or Rwanda which best fits your Budget. Start planning your next gorilla trekking safari with our help. We have a couple of planned gorilla trekking safaris and wildlife safaris but they may not interest you and you may want some help. Yes we can give you all the help you need. Let’s get started!

Gorilla tracking Adventure and Safaris

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Wild Discoveries Safaris is a major player in providing Uganda Safaris and is trusted by many that have used our day tours, savanna and wildlife safaris, adventurous gorilla trekking tours and romantic holiday tours. We pride ourselves in selling top destinations in East Africa but mostly Uganda Safaris, the ‘pearl of Africa’..

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